horse shoe earrings

Original Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

Buying gifts for horse lovers is not easy, and although many riders would be delighted with a bottle of expensive horse shampoo it doesn’t always feel like a gift for the person buying it.

So in this article I have collected some ideas of horsey themed gifts that can be used around the house, for those occasional times when your horsey friend is actually inside relaxing.

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using images in equine businesses

How To Use Video In Your Business Promotion

Some businesses naturally lend themselves to using video to promote their work, because they are involved in very visual activities. The equine industry is one such area because clients really need to see what you are talking about.

This article looks at some of the ways in which you can quickly and easily use videos to promote your work and reach a wider audience.

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Ideas For Using Social Media To Promote Your Equine Business

One of the biggest challenges for any equine business is to attract new clients or customers.

The ideal way to inform clients is to use social media and post updates and information that customs can read in their own time.

And research shows that most people who want to buy or use a service including from an equine business, like to research and read more before they commit to spending money.

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image horses herd

How To Understand Your Horse’s Personality Type

Ever wondered why some horses behave so differently to others? Why one will hack out completely relaxed and yet another horse on the same hack will be really spooky.

Like humans, all horses are different. Some of their behaviour is instinctual whilst others can be learnt, either from personal experience or by watching other horses.

Since all horses are different does that mean that all training techniques should be different as well?

This article explores horse behaviour a little more and what the implications are for training horses of any age and background.

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horse digestive system

The Horse Digestive System With Diagram And 3D Video

The horse’s digestive system works differently to humans, for one thing it has no gall bladder and secondly the angle into the stomach means that it is not physically possible for horses to vomit back food.

The processes for breaking down food are sightly different as well. In this article I have shown a 3D animated diagram (courtesy of PurinaMills) which shows how the digestive system works and where the different stages of food absorption occur.

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Should I Feed Cut Grass Clippings To Horses?

As the grass (finally) begins to grow the first thing that most people then do, is to cut it. The question for many horse owners though is should I feed the cuttings to my horse?

image grass cuttings for horses
Not all grass is equal (Image “Horizon Background Means Vibrant Nature Or Environment ” by Stuart Miles,

I saw a recent reminder of the dangers of feeding grass cuttings to horses, from the Leinster Horse and Pony rescue centre on their Facebook page.

But what surprised me were the number of experienced horse owners who quickly replied that they fed grass cuttings and never had a problem with it.

So in this post I wanted to explore what were the risks  – and why is it that the standard advice usually given is not to feed them to horses.

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Managing Horses In Hot Weather

Managing horses in hot weather is not usually a problem in Ireland – since unfortunately we don’t get that much hot weather.

image cartoon horse and sunglasses
(Image reproduced from

The problem is that when we do get a bout of sun, horses can suffer because owners are caught unawares and horses are suddenly left exposed to the effects of the heat.

This article looks at some of the risks that horses can face in hot weather including;

  • Heat stroke
  • Sun burn
  • Insects and Sweet Itch
  • Dehydration

The article also looks at some of the usual practices we do with our horses in cooler weather, that may need to be adapted as the heat moves in.

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Monty Roberts Join Up Technique

Monty Roberts is known for his non-violent approach to working with horses. At the core of his technique is the ability to communicate with the horse he is working with, in their own language.

Monty developed his own unique way of initiating conversation with his horses and establishing a relationship of trust and respect, this he has termed the Join-Up technique.

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Horse Colic Symptoms And Remedies

Colic is probably the scariest term that horse owners hear and it is, according to the biggest cause of adult horse deaths in Ireland.

Colic simply means abdominal pain and can potentially refer to a number of different things. However when used with horses it usually refers to a severe abdominal discomfort that causes the horse to be agitated, moving about or trying to lie down, rolling or pawing the ground.

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Irish Animal Welfare Act 2013

Can The New Irish Animal Welfare Legislation Be Implemented Effectively?

This week the issue of animal welfare and the legislation was brought home with a couple of articles I saw in news reports.

The first involved a sadistic attack on a horse, clearly with the intent of causing damage and possible death, Fortunately the animal was very fit and healthy and survived the assault physically (although mentally I imagine it will be affected for life)

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