A Video Guide to Painting Horses Using Watercolour

Drawing and painting horses is something that may horse lovers enjoy, including myself.

In this article I have explored some of the effects that can be created by using watercolour to paint horses. The video I have included by Selah Works provides an easy to follow step by step painting guide, that breaks down the process so that you can create the following picture.

watercolour picture of a horse
Watch the video below by Selah Works to create this work of art

Watercolour Materials

Before showing you the video I wanted to explain a little bit about the tools you need to work with watercolours, in particular paintbrushes, paints and paper.

A previous article has outlined some of the tools for sketching, which you can read about in How to Draw Horses|Materials. The other materials I will explain a bit more about in the section below.

Watercolour Brushes

A good artist needs good tools (and an amateur artist probably needs better ones). Looking for good quality is not that easy without some guidance. The products I have selected below I chose because they are by well known art brands, were recommended by other artists and are all available on Amazon where you can read additional reviews, or see similar products if these don’t match your own needs.

The first thing to consider is a good brush. For watercolour painting most artists recommend a size 3 or 4 round and a larger flat brush. Anything else is an addition although I also like to have a very fine brush for adding details if doing a pen and watercolour painting.

screenshot artists brushesThese brushes by the Art Supply contain a selection of good quality brushes that can be used with a number of different painting materials, including watercolours. They contain the following;

Superior Quality 14 Piece Artist Brush Set *HandMade *7 Natural Bristle & 6 Synthetic Paint Brushes * Free Pouch *No Shedding *For Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor *One Year Guarantee

They can be purchased directly from Amazon at the link above, and at the time of writing they were reduced from $69 down to $24.99.

Several reviews of the product emphasise the quality of these brushes and a number of the comments are worth reading.

"I highly recommend this great set of high quality brushes for the artist in yourself, for a student, or as a gift." 
(Amazon Fine Art Student)
Watercolour PAINTS & PAPER

In addition to having a good quality set of brushes, watercolour artists need thicker paper and good quality paints as well.

It is always a balance between finding good quality and not paying too much,one of the following notepads received good reviews for water colour work, except for two artists who were used to working with very expensive products. So I have displayed both and can let you choose your own.

The weight for watercolour use should be 300gsm (140 pounds), both of these products are that weight but I think the Arches paper might feel heavier and is slightly better quality. However it depends on your own needs and as most reviewers noted it was still a lovely paper to work with.

The final product to consider is the watercolour paints themselves. There are many standard art sets that provide watercolours, but like everything else going to a site or a store that has a wide choice of materials and taking your time to look for the best quality product within a price you are happy to pay, is really the best option.

Here is one set that I sourced from Winsor and Newton, normally priced at $50 they are on offer (I do love a bargain) at $28. These are a top professional brand and all the reviews were very positive about them, with opinions ranging from art students through to amateur artists

image watercolour paint set

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Color 12-Tube Set

Click on the link to look at these and other watercolour options available on Amazon (do keep an eye out for bargains and discount prices because the expensive brands on offer can sometimes work out cheaper and certainly better value for your money).

So now you have your materials along with your pencils and a jar of clean water.

Video – Step by Step Guide to Painting a Watercolour Horse

The following video by Selah Works produces the finished picture that I showed you at the beginning. It is speeded up slightly, which makes for an easy to follow guide. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and get some more ideas for your own original pictures.

Watercolour has its own distinct style and some people find it to be quite a difficult medium to work with. But it is also very flexible and forgiving at the same time and with practice and confidence it can produce some really special paintings.

If you have already produced your own paintings perhaps you might be interested in selling them?

Society 6

One of the sites that I promote on Equine Blog Ireland is an artist / curator site called Society 6.

image Christi Sari horse on iPhone cover
iPhone case by Christi Sari on Society 6

Anyone can register and upload art for sale and each piece of art has a special curator link that can be used on websites or social media, to take people directly to your work.

As well as paintings the site will provide a number of options for using your images such as on mugs, rugs, cushions and many more. You can see some samples of their equine related art in this article on the site Society 6 Art Equine market

If you are interested in either buying or selling original and genuine art work then be sure to check out this site, it has some very interesting pieces and it’s aim is to support real artists. And the art is not restricted to horses there are plenty of other themes to choose from.


Conclusion – Painting Watercolour Horses

Watercolour is not a medium that every artist enjoys using, but that could be said for all types of art. I really enjoy the effects that can be achieved and I like brush work and sketching, so the two go together quite well.

I would love to hear about your own experiences either of using various art and watercolour materials, or of your general experiences of painting horses, so please leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to share this article on social media so that other interested authors can add their voice to the conversation.

Thanks, Marie


  • EllieCommunicates

    February 27, 2016 at 11:16 am Reply

    I like painting, I find it to be very calming.
    Now that my little ones are growing up, they express interest in art as well.
    Do you think this technique I could follow with my kids as well? I think it could be difficult for them and I might need to wait a few years.
    I would love to see some ideas how to use paint to create pictures and gifts with little children.
    Thank you for your post.

    • Marie

      February 27, 2016 at 12:01 pm

      HI Ellie thanks for your comments and sharing your love of painting! There are some ideas for children in this post (well it’s ideas for teachers really) How to Draw Horses, hope that’s useful.

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