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Original Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

Buying gifts for horse lovers is not easy, and although many riders would be delighted with a bottle of expensive horse shampoo it doesn’t always feel like a gift for the person buying it.

So in this article I have collected some ideas of horsey themed gifts that can be used around the house, for those occasional times when your horsey friend is actually inside relaxing.

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Equine Mobile Phone Covers


horse mobile phone cover
horse by Mark Ashkenazi

I’ve always had an interest in equine art and this website is an ideal way for me to indulge this passion! So for this post I decided to show a few examples I have come across of mobile phone covers – with a horsey theme of course.

There are a number of articles on the site that have promoted the work of various equine artists including the Equine Market Stall

All of these use the Society 6 Artists Promotion website which aims to support the work of real artists and provides a platform for them to promote their work internationally.

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image horse throw

What Do You Buy The Mother Who Loves Horses?

Although as I write this Mother’s Day is fast approaching here in Europe, this post could also apply for birthdays, christmas and any other occasion that involves thinking of a present.

However it can be a difficult process trying to choose a present for someone, especially when it doesn’t involve an actual horse.

So I have put together a collection of ideas of horsey products that are also nice presents (i.e. not very practical but look good). After all with all the rain and terrible weather we are having it’s nice to have something to look at without getting cold and wet. Another bonus is they don’t cost anything more once bought.

As well as the art shown there are also plenty of other ideas for gifts if you follow the links, these just represent a sample.

Art Work

The first place I was looking was on Amazon, amongst the art work and I came across a few items that could definitely be of interest, such as this horse print on canvas by Home Decor Market. There were also a selection of other prints available all of which were equally stunning but very different in design.

Horse print Home Decor Market

Horse Art Prints On Canvas Animal Painting For Home Decoration,Horse Pattern,19 x 25 inch canvas

Or this magnificent picture which I have to admit I really have taken to. This would look great on any living or bedroom wall (especially mine) but anyone else’s as well.

image by Youkuart


New Year Gift New Year Decorations Canvas Prints ,Sk002 Modern Canvas Wall Art White Horse, Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang, 5 Panels White Horse Canvas Print Photo Canvas Art for Home Decoration



Of course the danger is if you also have daughters who are interested in horses, then there could well be a few in family fights but that’s all part of the fun!

If you are interested in looking at more art samples there are a number of other pages on my website (equineblogireland)  that offer more links to equine art pages, such as the Equine Market Stall and the not quite out of season post Horsey Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Fleeces & Throws

If standard art is not your thing how about a sem-practical piece of art in the form of a horsey throw or rug. These gift ideas are obviously a little more expensive but well worth the money.

image horse throw Elegant Western Gallopping Horse Soft Fleece Throw Blanket – Polyester 63″x73″

Or how about the ultimate in luxury a king size fleece set, this would certainly keep any horse lover warm right through the coldest of winters. And if the cost is a little off-putting at $120 perhaps it could be a combined family present.

image horse fleece blanket




Horse Fever Fleece Blanket – King





These products are all available on Amazon and there are plenty of other ideas if you want to click the links or search for horse art.

The next site only sells art products but it is well worth a visit.

Society 6 Products

The main equine art site that I often mention on this blog site is society 6, a curator site that allows local artists to sell their products in a variety of forms.

As well as promoting local artists society 6 provides the art in a variety of ways including some of the products shown below.

image society 6 horses

Most designs can be bought across a range of products from iPhone covers to cushions.

image society 6 horse art

These designs are all produced by the artist Tanja Reidel and there are also other options such as T-shirts and hoodies as well as computer cases and some rugs and throws.

Other Ideas

If horse art is really not an option and the present has to be more horsey, then here are some more ideas.

  • Riding lessons – yes even the experts need more lessons (especially when it’s raining and the lessons are indoors)
  • Gift vouchers (tack room) – so that the present can be guaranteed to be the right one
  • Gift vouchers for clothing

If possible I would avoid giving money unless you are happy that your special Mother’s Day gift ends up being a few bales of haylage, to cover the last stretch of winter.

Even though it’s getting close to the actual Mother’s Day there are always lots of opportunities to treat your mother. So go ahead and buy something even if it arrives late it will definitely be worth the wait.

A Video Guide to Painting Horses Using Watercolour

Drawing and painting horses is something that may horse lovers enjoy, including myself.

In this article I have explored some of the effects that can be created by using watercolour to paint horses. The video I have included by Selah Works provides an easy to follow step by step painting guide, that breaks down the process so that you can create the following picture.

watercolour picture of a horse
Watch the video below by Selah Works to create this work of art

Watercolour Materials

Before showing you the video I wanted to explain a little bit about the tools you need to work with watercolours, in particular paintbrushes, paints and paper.

A previous article has outlined some of the tools for sketching, which you can read about in How to Draw Horses|Materials. The other materials I will explain a bit more about in the section below.

Watercolour Brushes

A good artist needs good tools (and an amateur artist probably needs better ones). Looking for good quality is not that easy without some guidance. The products I have selected below I chose because they are by well known art brands, were recommended by other artists and are all available on Amazon where you can read additional reviews, or see similar products if these don’t match your own needs.

The first thing to consider is a good brush. For watercolour painting most artists recommend a size 3 or 4 round and a larger flat brush. Anything else is an addition although I also like to have a very fine brush for adding details if doing a pen and watercolour painting.

screenshot artists brushesThese brushes by the Art Supply contain a selection of good quality brushes that can be used with a number of different painting materials, including watercolours. They contain the following;

Superior Quality 14 Piece Artist Brush Set *HandMade *7 Natural Bristle & 6 Synthetic Paint Brushes * Free Pouch *No Shedding *For Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor *One Year Guarantee

They can be purchased directly from Amazon at the link above, and at the time of writing they were reduced from $69 down to $24.99.

Several reviews of the product emphasise the quality of these brushes and a number of the comments are worth reading.

"I highly recommend this great set of high quality brushes for the artist in yourself, for a student, or as a gift." 
(Amazon Fine Art Student)
Watercolour PAINTS & PAPER

In addition to having a good quality set of brushes, watercolour artists need thicker paper and good quality paints as well.

It is always a balance between finding good quality and not paying too much,one of the following notepads received good reviews for water colour work, except for two artists who were used to working with very expensive products. So I have displayed both and can let you choose your own.

The weight for watercolour use should be 300gsm (140 pounds), both of these products are that weight but I think the Arches paper might feel heavier and is slightly better quality. However it depends on your own needs and as most reviewers noted it was still a lovely paper to work with.

The final product to consider is the watercolour paints themselves. There are many standard art sets that provide watercolours, but like everything else going to a site or a store that has a wide choice of materials and taking your time to look for the best quality product within a price you are happy to pay, is really the best option.

Here is one set that I sourced from Winsor and Newton, normally priced at $50 they are on offer (I do love a bargain) at $28. These are a top professional brand and all the reviews were very positive about them, with opinions ranging from art students through to amateur artists

image watercolour paint set

Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Color 12-Tube Set

Click on the link to look at these and other watercolour options available on Amazon (do keep an eye out for bargains and discount prices because the expensive brands on offer can sometimes work out cheaper and certainly better value for your money).

So now you have your materials along with your pencils and a jar of clean water.

Video – Step by Step Guide to Painting a Watercolour Horse

The following video by Selah Works produces the finished picture that I showed you at the beginning. It is speeded up slightly, which makes for an easy to follow guide. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and get some more ideas for your own original pictures.

Watercolour has its own distinct style and some people find it to be quite a difficult medium to work with. But it is also very flexible and forgiving at the same time and with practice and confidence it can produce some really special paintings.

If you have already produced your own paintings perhaps you might be interested in selling them?

Society 6

One of the sites that I promote on Equine Blog Ireland is an artist / curator site called Society 6.

image Christi Sari horse on iPhone cover
iPhone case by Christi Sari on Society 6

Anyone can register and upload art for sale and each piece of art has a special curator link that can be used on websites or social media, to take people directly to your work.

As well as paintings the site will provide a number of options for using your images such as on mugs, rugs, cushions and many more. You can see some samples of their equine related art in this article on the site Society 6 Art Equine market

If you are interested in either buying or selling original and genuine art work then be sure to check out this site, it has some very interesting pieces and it’s aim is to support real artists. And the art is not restricted to horses there are plenty of other themes to choose from.


Conclusion – Painting Watercolour Horses

Watercolour is not a medium that every artist enjoys using, but that could be said for all types of art. I really enjoy the effects that can be achieved and I like brush work and sketching, so the two go together quite well.

I would love to hear about your own experiences either of using various art and watercolour materials, or of your general experiences of painting horses, so please leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to share this article on social media so that other interested authors can add their voice to the conversation.

Thanks, Marie

How to Draw Horses|Materials

In a previous article I gave a sample of resources and materials such as books and videos that could be used to assist in drawing horses. In this article I have moved onto looking at the actual drawing materials that you need.


How To Draw A Horse Simply

A question that is asked a lot is how do I draw a horse simply and easily. In this video Paul Priestly provides an easy to follow guide to show how to draw a full horse (there is another detailed video on How to Draw Horses by Mark Crilley that shows how to draw a horse’s head)


Starting to Draw Basic Materials

There are numerous materials that you could buy and spend a fortune on, just to get up and going, but int reality the tools you need are simple enough.

  • Pencils
  • Drawing or Sketch Pad
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Ruler (some of the drawing videos make use of grids)

After that it really depends on the medium of art that you want to use, is it just sketching or do you want to use watercolours or oils to paint with. Alternatively there are plenty of charcoal and pastel options.


Pencils come in a  variety of types ranging from very soft (B range) through to the very hard (H range). The chart below illustrates what the various pencils look like and show the differences in blackness you can expect to get with each type of pencil.

graphite grading scale
image sourced from

Most of us are familiar with the HB pencil which lies in the middle of this spectrum, however individual pencil companies tend to set their own internal standards for hardness and blackness. So a 2B pencil form one brand may draw slightly darker or lighter than one from another brand. It is one reason to choose a good quality brand and then stay with them as there is a level of consistency in their materials.

 The relative differences between pencils will always be similar so a 3H pencil will be harder than a H pencil, or a 6B will be blacker than a 2B.

Choosing a good quality pencil is important though, since common faults with cheaper pencils are that they don’t sharpen well, and you can end up with difficult to use pencils that are constantly breaking.

The grip of a better quality pencil is often nicer to hold, a bit like writing with a good quality pen over a cheap biro. The better pen provides a more enjoyable experience, and in art the pencil is a tool of the trade not just a writing implement.

Sketch Paper

Once you have your pencils sorted the next stage is a sketch pad. A pad has the advantage of keeping all your material together and can be taken with you on the move. It does depend though how you are going to finish your drawing.

Paper is often described according to weight, using a system of GSM or grammes per square metre, with the lightest 40 gsm for tracing paper and the heavier papers at around 300gsm, which are usually used for painting rather than sketching.

If you are going to use watercolours you need the thicker paper (usually 140 – 300gsm) to prevent the water draining through. If you are planning on using oils these need to be done on their own special canvas.

Other Art Materials

Along with pencils and paper there are some obvious other materials that will be needed, such as erasers and pencil sharpeners. Again look for quality since cheap erasers can leave unsightly marks on paper and poor sharpeners can damage pencils.

The other materials you might need will depend upon which type of finish you want for your drawings.

Watercolour Paints

One of my favourite mediums to use is watercolour which I think is a lovely way to add colour to any topic as this picture by Vineta Sayer from the Society6 curator site shows.

Vineta Sayer MA - Wise Eyes
Vineta Sayer MA – Wise Eyes available to purchase through Society 6

As with all art materials it is worth reading around for the best best brands and paying that little bit ore for decent tools to work with. Cheap watercolours and paper will not produce great results no matter how talented an artist you are. These paints from Amazon did receive a good review from an art teacher who wrote a lengthy review criticising many other brands (so these must be OK).

Along with paints you need brushes. Although top brushes can cost thousands (literally) what you are really looking for are good quality brushes in a mixture of sizes and types. This set shown here provides a good mix of good quality brushes that are also reasonably priced.

As with all purchases I would strongly recommend reading the product reviews from people who have actually purchased and used the goods and have some experience in what works best for what you need. The products listed here provide a guide but you may require something more specific.


Charcoal is another way of finishing off a sketch and adding more texture. This picture from Stephanie Stonato illustrates how effective charcoal can be as a art medium.

Charcoal Horse picture
Stephanie Stonato on Society 6

Charcoal can be purchased in a number of different formats, charcoal pencils are ideal for doing most of the work, however the sketch outline will need to be done with ordinary sketching pencils.

Charcoal pencils are not very effective for shading in large areas, and for this task charcoal sticks work better.



Next Steps

So these are the basic materials that you need to get started, the next step is to decide what you want to draw and what type of drawing you want to make. It can be a good idea to look at other artists work to see what really appeals to you, and which materials you would feel most comfortable using.


Further Reading

There are new materials being added all the time to the site, for the moment the following articles may help to give you ideas for drawing horses.

If you have any questions or wish to share your preferences for artwork materials please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and good luck with your own drawings.

Horsey Gift Ideas for Christmas

It’s the holiday season – well nearly and although most horsey people know what they want at christmas time, somehow other family members seem to want to buy us ‘normal’ presents. My advice is to send them to the online artists gallery at Society 6, and say you’ll have anything with a horse on it!

Society 6 – An Artists Site

Society 6 is a community art site that aims to promote artists. It is a site that you can join either as a buyer or as an artist.

Society 6 promotes local artists and their products are much broader than horses, however as this is an equine site I have selected some samples of the type of products you can find, and some ideas for gifts that you can use to point people in the right direction (if they think that buying you a new horse is out of their price range)

I’ve chosen some of the items that Society 6 offers for each piece of art so you can have co-ordinating phone case, laptop cover and travel mug if you want.

Horse Art

There are a wide variety of art pictures to choose from with prints in different sizes and frame types.

picture watercolour horse art This magnificent picture is by artist Ancello 


Travel Coffee Mugs

It is after all now winter,and insulated travel mugs are always welcome whether it is for hanging around the stable or for in the jeep.

image travel mug horse designed by Claudia Otta ArtOfPictures

Ordinary Ceramic Mugs

Although there is nothing ordinary about these lovely personally designed mugs, again using any of the prints that you like these make a lovely gift for your horsey friend or for the gang down at the yard.

image ceramic horse mug This design is by Eastwitching

Wall Clocks

What better way to watch time until the next ride (or having to go out in the rain to muck out and exercise) than to use this wall clock, or any other horse design.

screenshot horse wall clock This design is by Andreas Lie 

Rugs and Pillows

Art is not just about what goes on the wall anymore, it can be anywhere including under your feet, literally with these rugs or under your head with pillows / cushions.

rug society 6 horse scene

Designed by Mark Ashkenazi

T Shirts

Finally what better way to advertise your love of horses and art by wearing the design

image tshirt horse design  Designed by Falko Fallert Art-FF77


Other Items

There are a selection of other items such as phone covers and laptop covers, and some of these examples can be seen on the Society 6 site and also in this article Equine Art in our market stall.

I hope you enjoyed the sample of goods, there are too many great art pieces on the site for me to do proper justice to the work in this small article. I would urge you to visit and support the art talent on Society 6 or if you know of any artists that are looking to promote their work this site could be useful to them.


Image Horse dressed halloween Harry Potter

Horsing Around At Halloween – costume ideas for horses

Well it’s that time of year again when we can start horsing around at halloween and dressing up everything and everyone around us. So to really get you in the mood I did a round up of some of my favourite horsey halloween pictures, I hope you enjoy some of these strange and wonderful (albeit slightly weird) ideas.

Horse Costumes

Horses are quite well know for their spooky nature and fleeing at scary objects (such as plastic bags) so imagine the time and patience that was needed to put together some of these designs and then convince the horse it was OK to wear it.

Black horses definitely come into their own at halloween, so much easier to paint on spooky skeletons.

black horse painted with skeleton
Image found on
picture of halloween horse and rider
Lord of the Rings (image found on

For those of you that fancy something a little less scary how about some of these ideas, ranging from law and order to no order whatsoever in the hippy era.

image horse dressed up as sheriff
Image found on tumblr
image found on Pinterest
image found on Pinterest


However one of my favourites has to be the Harry Potter theme, horses at Hogworts that would be magical sight.


Image Horse dressed halloween Harry Potter
Image found on Pinterest


Horsey Pumpkin’s

Of course it wouldn’t be halloween without the old pumpkins or Jack ‘O’ Lanterns and the art work has really taken off over the last few years. Here’s a couple of horse designs that really stood out for me.

image carved horse pumpkin
Amazing art work (image found on Pinterest)
image horse carved pumpkin
image found on Pinterest



Of course real fruit doesn’t last long so how about a more permanent pumpkin

image horseshoe pumpkin
Image found on Pinterest

The creative use of horse shoes has been a feature of this blog site before, in Horse Shoe Art. And talking of horse shoes, you can also paint them even if they are still on the horse.

image halloween horse shoes
Image found on Tumblr

I hope you enjoyed this collection of halloween images and if you have any of your own to add just include them in the comments below that would be great. There is also an art stall  on the Equine Market page with more great ideas for art and equine gifts, which is  courtesy of our link with Society 6, an online gallery and curator website.

Horse Art wine glass rack

Horse Shoe Art

I was looking through some of the Pinterest accounts and boards and came across a site that just collected different types of art that had used horse shoes. So I couldn’t resist it and decided to put together an article all about the Art of Horse Shoes.

I have selected a few samples of some of the different horse set pieces but check out my Pinterest account for other horsey art pics and equine information pins.

Image horseshoe cowboy model
Image found on Pinterest

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Horse Artists

Equine art is a growing area of interest across the globe. A simple google search of the term ‘equine art’ produces over 7 million possible results. However is equine art part of the artistic community or is it linked to the equine community and where do the two meet. I have always a been a firm believer that horse art and the equine community are strongly connected and this blog site aims to strengthen those links as time goes by.  This article offers a basic introduction to the equine art world and hopefully gets the discussion started!

Irish Equine Art

As an Irish blog site I really need to start here (without displaying any bias). There are a number of very talented Irish artists and I am hoping to interview some of them over the next year or so to give more insight into their work.  However in Ireland generally the Irish Art website has a section on equine art which can be found here. There are a number of stalls displaying art at the various large horse events and the biggest display is probably at the Royal Dublin Horse Show (RDS) each year. At this event last year there were several stalls devoted to exhibiting artists work from around the country.

Many artists continue to advertise their own particular work through social media sites and both our Facebook page and twitter page are following different individual artists (so check us out and follow us too especially if you have an art site to promote). And as I have already mentioned there are many local artists here in Ireland that operate independently, and who hopefully will be interested in sharing their work through our own Art Market which is on the Equine Blog Ireland site.

Artists such as –

Marina Hamilton – Donegal

Nicola Russell – Belfast

John Fitzgerald (Artist in residence at the Curragh racecourse)

Tony O’Connor – Kerry

Sara Hodson – Cork

UK and Worldwide Equine Art

Moving on to our neighbours across the water there are other sources of art work displays and galleries such as Equestrian Art. This is an online gallery of equestrian fine art in the UK, that also promotes art all over the UK and abroad. They only exhibit original pieces (no prints allowed). Other sites do provide cheaper options to purchase work such as prints at Lydia Kiernan Gallery or the slightly more expensive German artist Michael Hotz. These are both sample artists and there are hundreds (no doubt) of other very talented artists offering their work as commissions or to purchase directly from the gallery.


Trends in Equine Art

Equestrian Art has noted that there is a growth in impressionist art i.e. ‘the Scream’ (Edvard Munch) equivalent for the equine world, which they say is in line with art trends generally. But the reality is that all forms of artistic medium are now available including sculpture (in all kinds of material),painting in oils / watercolours, drawing and sketching in pencil and of course photography.

Vineta Sayer MA - Wise Eyes
Vineta Sayer MA – Wise Eyes

Investment in Equine Art

Although most of us would be happy admiring the art in a gallery, for the ultimate collector it is about owning the piece and being able to view it privately with friends. However there are also those that can recognise the future potential in the artwork and are purchasing works by the same artist as a future investment. One buyer through Equestrian Art was quoted saying that buying art ‘was better than putting the money in the bank or in stocks and shares

Other Types of Equine Art

Work in Progress by Jeanne Newton Schoborg
Work in Progress by Jeanne Newton Schoborg

Not all equine art is about investment, it also about appreciating the talent and interests of the artist whilst being able to admire the traits of the horse that have been captured, in whatever medium was used. And sometimes it is also about having fun as this piece by Jeanne Newton Schoborg illustrates.


I hope this has tickled your taste buds in terms of equine art, we know that horses are full of personality and are amazing animals to watch. But to have that captured in paint, photography or any other artistic medium is to have that moment forever. Let me know your own favourite artists or local art galleries that specialise on equine art.

How to Draw Horses

There is something amazing about seeing horses drawn, and something very special if the horse that has been drawn is your own. It’s a memory that will stay forever. So I put together a few links to websites and resources to help get your art hobby off to a fresh start. If you are looking for information on art materials there is another post covering this topic in more detail How to Draw Horses|Materials.



In the following video Mark Crilley takes you through an easy to follow step by step guide to drawing a horse’s head.  This is a very detailed video and I really enjoyed his breakdown as every pencil stroke is described with a grid for you to use. (There is a other video on How to Draw Horses|Materials that draws a simple complete horse)

Mark is a prolific artist and has many other videos on YouTube for drawing all sorts of other animals. So if you enjoyed this work please do check him out for his other videos.

Drawing Horses and Other Animals

Although videos work well to instruct there are also a number of books designed to help you draw horses. One book that seems to do well in reviews is How to Draw Horses in Simple Steps by Eva Dutton

Eva really provides detailed diagrams and step by step illustrations which you can see from the sample page below, some of the book reviews said the images were so easily laid out that children could also follow them

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 20.26.10

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 20.24.40


However the complexity of the artwork provides images that even the most experienced artist can also gain from.


How to Draw Horses in Simple Steps


In the words of one reviewer …

If you want a book which shows you not only how to draw a horse 
but how to paint one (watercolors), add this book to your 
collection. [Review Amazon]

There are several web sites that describe and show how to draw horses such as drawsketch which can be done with or by children and well as adults. Similarly simple cartoon sketches can be done through sites such as Wiki How and produce a horse for your (younger) children.


I came across the following series which could be a great resource for primary and national school teachers, as well as parents trying to find entertainment for their children during the holidays. It is the howtodrawanimals series that covers quick and easy steps to draw all types of animals and which can be viewed and purchased here.

For the more serious artists though there are detailed sketches to aspire towards, such as the Jack Russell dog below. There are plenty of drawing and painting books all over the place, but this is one book that I came across recently and the website (link below) gives more samples of the drawings inside.

Jack Russell drawing
Jack Russell drawing

The Drawing Animals Ebook

Finally on the topic of drawing horses, although drawing still pictures is great capturing animals in motion through drawing or painting has to be the greatest challenge. Although it’s very basic I actually liked the following website, which shows the animated sketches of horse movements in the different gaits. Also interesting for pony club and riding instruction as well, since it visually shows the movements in a very easy to understand way.



Pinterest is the social media site for collecting images of all sorts. It has a number of interesting images covering all sorts of topics, such as the following link to a 3D drawing website. It’s a great source of horse photos and material to sketch from or use for painting ideas.

image 3D drawing Zebra
Image found on

I would love to hear of other websites that you would recommend about drawing that could be shared with others. Please leave a comment below with links to anything relevant.

The Equine Artisan Market

Finally the Equine Artisan Market is our online gallery for horse art and the opportunity  for artists to share a sample of their work as well as providing a link to the website or social media contact. Also don’t forget to follow the site on twitter @equineblogire where we often follow other artists specialising in horse art from around the world.  

The market stall on EBI is an online mini gallery that provides links to artists across the globe, that are promoted through an artists curator site called Society 6.

Horses Canvas Print by Michael Creese
Horses Canvas Print by Michael Creese

As the weeks move on I hope to be able to add interviews and bring more details of individual artists and their work. However I am sure there is a budding artist in many of us and even if it doesn’t stretch to the confidence of selling your own work, that doesn’t mean it can’t be inspired by seeing the work of others.