Horse Art

Horse Artwork & Artisan Market

I want to introduce the idea of Equine Blog Ireland hosting an online Horse Artwork and Artisan Market. My thinking is that it would be like an online farmer’s market but the sellers would be local and international artisans, who specialise in horse artwork and equine artisan crafts. Let me explain the idea a bit further.

Horse Artwork

The North West of Ireland is a treasure trove of artists and creative people and I personally have

Equine Blog Ireland
Equine Blog Ireland

seen some amazing talent. I would love to see more of that and I thought it would be great to have those artists involved who have an interest in horses (OK we could stretch to dogs too!) and would like to display their work. I haven’t thought through the exact details of the stalls yet but it would include a link to the artist’s website or social media outlet, bait like the diagram opposite. Any purchasing of horse artwork goods would need to be through a third party site, or contact to the artist directly.

Artisan Market

As well as art there are other crafts that horse lovers may enjoy. Jewellery, badges, wooden crafts and sculptures are some of the many crafts that have horsey connections. The market stalls could also include personalised crafts such as embroidery on Saddle Pads and Numnahs.  There are also other skills such as leather work that can be included, and any other related skill that you may think of. On the stall information there would need to be a link provided to the artist’s web page or contact information.

Also if you have any ideas to be included in the design of the market please drop me a line and spread the word to any known horse artists or artisans. Or if you fancy taking up art and sharing your skills there are a number of books and products that will be promoted over the weeks (as I discover them) such as this one.

How to Sign Up

If you’re interested in becoming involved in the market as a seller, then simply post a comment below or email at so that I can develop a special artisan newsletter that will be sent straight to your inbox whenever I have a few names and have designed the stalls! And remember the blog is looking to grow over the next year, so please spread the word.