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Hi and welcome to the Equine Blog Ireland site, which is a site aimed at both online equine businesses and horse owners. Hopefully you can begin to browse the, by now growing library of resources and information. So in this first post I want to explain the thinking behind Equine Blog Ireland or EBI, and hopefully give an idea of where I plan to go over the months ahead with this new venture.

A Blog Site about Horsey Stuff

I started Equine Blog from my home based in Donegal, in the West of Ireland. I am a horse/ pony owner (2 horses actually, although they both belong to my kids until it comes to mucking out, feeding or exercising). But I had noticed that whenever I needed information or horse products, or wanted to read reviews on anything connected to the horses it meant spending a lot of time on the internet, looking for online equine businesses, (which meant less time for feeding, mucking out or exercising). I also found that each new search meant visiting lots of separate web sites depending on the topic; so feed was in one area, tack on other sites, ailments and injuries etc etc.. And I thought – wouldn’t it be great if there was one place that acted as a kind of hub for all these topics and where other horsey people could write or add comments based on their own experiences. I also thought that as many horse owners are also working and therefore don’t have much time for research, what if someone did it for them – after all I am a researcher and writer by trade!



Online Equine Businesses

Now there are other blog sites out there aimed at horse owners I appreciate that, but I had another thought. What if local online equine businesses (or equine businesses that have an online presence) and other equine businesses who were interested in trading in the North West of Ireland, were all visible on one blog site. That way interested horsey people only have to have one place to visit and could link onto the local business site, directly from the EBI site. Again for the online equine business side, the internet is new and finding time to blog and attract customers is difficult, but what if another site was doing that work for you?

Equine Discussion Forum

As the EBI site is evolving it’s possible, especially with all the brands and products out there, that some things will not stay all the time and other things that you presumed would be mentioned don’t appear at all. Well that’s also the purpose of the discussion forum. As well as being a place for general information sharing, anything you want discussed, researched or included in the blog please mention it here. And for those of you who are into social media and have time (or have kids who do actually feed, muck out or exercise the ponies) then follow EBI on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

Equine Blog Ireland Newsletter

The thing about blog sites is that content tends to rapidly move out of sight, as newer posts are added. To prevent this happening too much and stop information becoming lost in archives, a periodic newsletter will be published and sent to your inbox. It will also be stored in the newsletter section (mental note to self to create a newsletter section), along with other documents such as tip sheets, web site addresses for interest topics or review sheets on popular products. These will be stored as a sub group (s) under the Information category.

Finally and most importantly this should be a point of interest for you and a place to share thoughts and ideas. It is also a place for online equine businesses and owners to link up and make those all important connections.  I hope you enjoy it and become happy to participate and give me loads of ideas to follow up on. I look forward to reading your comments.

Marie – Equine Blog Ireland

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