Equine Mobile Phone Covers


horse mobile phone cover
horse by Mark Ashkenazi

I’ve always had an interest in equine art and this website is an ideal way for me to indulge this passion! So for this post I decided to show a few examples I have come across of mobile phone covers – with a horsey theme of course.

There are a number of articles on the site that have promoted the work of various equine artists including the Equine Market Stall

All of these use the Society 6 Artists Promotion website which aims to support the work of real artists and provides a platform for them to promote their work internationally.


Inside the Making of a Phone Case

The cases I am promoting are from the Society 6 website and they take their art very seriously. Here is a short but lovely video giving a glimpse of the making of the Phone covers, as well as a sense of what their ethos is towards their products.


Equine Mobile Phone Covers 5/5s and ipod

There are different sorts of mobile phone covers available but I have linked these pictures to the iPhone section, however once your are in Society 6 you can browse for different covers, different phone cases and also look at different artists.

Not all the work is equine related as it is much more diverse than that, but if you are interested in any type of gift that is that little bit different please visit them and view their full range of products.

iPhone case by Laura Ruth
iPhone case by Laura Ruth

Some of the artists work is photography and so there are pictures available such as the one shown here by Laura Ruth. This image is also available as a picture or print.

Other artists offer painted pictures which can again be adapted to a variety of mediums including in this case mobile phone covers.

The work here by Michael Creese is one of my favourites and again there are prints and painting versions of his work (as well as T-Shirts, mugs, pillows and duvets)

Horses by Michael Creese
Horses by Michael Creese

The final example I’m showing is from another artist whose work I admire and that is Gracy Dreamscape. This black and white photograph adapts well to a variety of different materials and designs and looks well on a mobile phone cover as well.

Horses by Gracy Dreamscape
Horses by Gracy Dreamscape

Other work by all of these artists can be found on the site just click any picture to go onto the Studio 6 page.

They also frequently seem to have offers on shipping especially for the smaller items such as the phone covers so it is also worth checking back to the site. (I sometimes promote the shipping offers on Facebook so follow me there to know when the next offer is).

Other pages on this site that contain information on equine artists are.

I hope you enjoyed this article and please feel free to share on your chosen source of social media and/or add a comment on your own art recommendations in the section below, thanks Marie.

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