Equine Market Stall

Originally I had planned that this would be like an Equine Market Stall, where artists can display their work and provide a link to their site.

However all the art listed in this article is actually from one website that I came across and was interested to promote.

The art listed below is all provided courtesy of Society6, a site aimed at promoting artists which also runs its own art curator programme so why not try it out.

Click on the picture to visit the site all the pictures can also be purchased on a variety of objects including phone cases, pillows, T-shirts and bags.


Admit it you want want of these!

As school term approaches again then many of the art items on Society6 can be use don practical devices and gadgets such as mobile phone covers and laptop skins.

Heidi Fairwood
Heidi Fairwood

Whichever style you choose, whether it is a black and photo as shown here or a colourful scene that has been used as shown below. The originality of the artists work will not be found in any high street computer store.

Art work by Valerie Anne Kelly
Art work by Valerie Anne Kelly

Many students (and non-students) want their art to really wear, and there are a range of options of different ways this can be done.

T-Shirts and hoodies are the main types of fashion item and many of the artists work can be put onto them, simply select your favourite picture and then add a product you wish to see the design on.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 16.21.38

T-Shirts, bags and hoodies all available with horsey and other artwork as well as a range of household accessories such as pillows, throws, towels and clocks.

The Kodiak Brown Bear Canvas Print by Davies Babies
The Kodiak Brown Bear Canvas Print by Davies Babies

I know it is an equine site but I loved this picture of the bear, so this was added just as a favourite.

For the picture belowI love the colours and shapes on this picture it is definitely one of my favourites. You can also buy the pictures framed or unframed and every so often they have offers on shipping which are well worth looking out for,


Horses Canvas Print by Michael Creese
Horses Canvas Print by Michael Creese

For those that prefer their horses to be more photo quality this picture capture everything I think and there are also many others.

Horses Canvas Print by Laura Ruth
Horses Canvas Print by Laura Ruth

As well as pictures you can also have them printed onto mugs which would be a nice way to get through the day at work.

Don’t forget to check out all their other products as well at this link –

Society6 Art


Other Art Ideas Products

There are a number of other articles on this site that also show what is available in the form of equine art. These can be found in the sidebar at the top of this page under Gift Ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this page and if so please share across your own social media sites.

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