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Equine art is a growing area of interest across the globe. A simple google search of the term ‘equine art’ produces over 7 million possible results. However is equine art part of the artistic community or is it linked to the equine community and where do the two meet. I have always a been a firm believer that horse art and the equine community are strongly connected and this blog site aims to strengthen those links as time goes by.  This article offers a basic introduction to the equine art world and hopefully gets the discussion started!

Irish Equine Art

As an Irish blog site I really need to start here (without displaying any bias). There are a number of very talented Irish artists and I am hoping to interview some of them over the next year or so to give more insight into their work.  However in Ireland generally the Irish Art website has a section on equine art which can be found here. There are a number of stalls displaying art at the various large horse events and the biggest display is probably at the Royal Dublin Horse Show (RDS) each year. At this event last year there were several stalls devoted to exhibiting artists work from around the country.

Many artists continue to advertise their own particular work through social media sites and both our Facebook page and twitter page are following different individual artists (so check us out and follow us too especially if you have an art site to promote). And as I have already mentioned there are many local artists here in Ireland that operate independently, and who hopefully will be interested in sharing their work through our own Art Market which is on the Equine Blog Ireland site.

Artists such as –

Marina Hamilton – Donegal

Nicola Russell – Belfast

John Fitzgerald (Artist in residence at the Curragh racecourse)

Tony O’Connor – Kerry

Sara Hodson – Cork

UK and Worldwide Equine Art

Moving on to our neighbours across the water there are other sources of art work displays and galleries such as Equestrian Art. This is an online gallery of equestrian fine art in the UK, that also promotes art all over the UK and abroad. They only exhibit original pieces (no prints allowed). Other sites do provide cheaper options to purchase work such as prints at Lydia Kiernan Gallery or the slightly more expensive German artist Michael Hotz. These are both sample artists and there are hundreds (no doubt) of other very talented artists offering their work as commissions or to purchase directly from the gallery.


Trends in Equine Art

Equestrian Art has noted that there is a growth in impressionist art i.e. ‘the Scream’ (Edvard Munch) equivalent for the equine world, which they say is in line with art trends generally. But the reality is that all forms of artistic medium are now available including sculpture (in all kinds of material),painting in oils / watercolours, drawing and sketching in pencil and of course photography.

Vineta Sayer MA - Wise Eyes
Vineta Sayer MA – Wise Eyes

Investment in Equine Art

Although most of us would be happy admiring the art in a gallery, for the ultimate collector it is about owning the piece and being able to view it privately with friends. However there are also those that can recognise the future potential in the artwork and are purchasing works by the same artist as a future investment. One buyer through Equestrian Art was quoted saying that buying art ‘was better than putting the money in the bank or in stocks and shares

Other Types of Equine Art

Work in Progress by Jeanne Newton Schoborg
Work in Progress by Jeanne Newton Schoborg

Not all equine art is about investment, it also about appreciating the talent and interests of the artist whilst being able to admire the traits of the horse that have been captured, in whatever medium was used. And sometimes it is also about having fun as this piece by Jeanne Newton Schoborg illustrates.


I hope this has tickled your taste buds in terms of equine art, we know that horses are full of personality and are amazing animals to watch. But to have that captured in paint, photography or any other artistic medium is to have that moment forever. Let me know your own favourite artists or local art galleries that specialise on equine art.


  • Jim

    June 6, 2015 at 5:42 pm Reply

    Great article. I’m no artist but your post makes for a great and easy read. I liked the way you flowed from one title to the next. I gained an understanding of what you’re talking about when knowing nothing about the subject. I really enjoyed the way you formatted your links. That was clever!.


    • Marie

      June 6, 2015 at 6:23 pm

      Hi Jim, I am trying to get more people interested in the subject so glad you could follow it and thanks for the comment.

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