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Grooming your horse is important for a number of reasons, including making them look good for shows as well as improving their overall condition and monitoring for cuts, wounds and skin conditions.

Horse in the wild will use techniques such as rolling and grooming each other as a way to do this naturally, but for many domestic horses this needs to be done by their human carer/ rider.

Another article on this site provides a video and further information on how to groom your horse but this article is about the equipment you will need (and some that you don’t but they are nice additions).

The following items can all be purchased on, but there may be local suppliers that stock the same or similar products.


Probably one of the most basic pieces of equipment and most challenging if your horse doesn’t like their hooves being picked out.

image hoof pick

This item shown here received good reviews from most buyers, this is not an item that is worth spending a huge amount of money on because being small and dealing with hooves it is often suddenly dropped or gets left behind easily!

The one shown here has both a pick and a small brush for cleaning the hoof and removing light dirt. The main advantage is the rubberised grip and the hole in the handle that can be used to thread something through and hang up safely.

Intrepid International Rubber Hoof Pick with Brush, Purple



Mane and Tail Brush

One of the greatest tools that I find is a mane and tail brush. Some people don’t like them especially if their horse has a very fine tail (in which case a human hair brush often works better).

image mane and tail brushes

However I have a Cob and a tail that is three times thicker than my other pony so this is an essential tool.

These tools do the job well and according to one review (I try and make sure the reviews are from people in a similar situation to myself, this one is from a Draught horse owner)

"This was dropped, stepped on, lost, found 
and one time bitten. 
Credit where credit's due" - Amazon review

You can view more reviews and product information at this link on the Amazon store Tough 1 Great Grip Mane and Tail Brush, Purple


Body Brushes

Technically this first item isn’t a body brush, and it’s not quite a curry comb either but it works in the same way.

image rubber curry combsThese are called Jelly Scrubbers and like a rubber curry comb they are gentler on the horse and can be used on the legs and more sensitive areas of the horse.

They can be still  little bit hard for very sensitive horses but for most horses and ponies these seem to get a good review.

(They can be used on dogs but again perhaps not suitable for very sensitive animals)

Amazon link – Tough 1 Rubber Jelly Scrubber, Royal Blue


body brush horse


This item is a body brush and has the stronger bristles. It is suitable for main body grooming but not on the sensitive areas of the horse.

This gets a good review for horse use but many f the reviewers found that their dogs really liked it as well.

Intrepid International Nifty Horse Brush


Horse Grooming Kits

If you are looking for a present for someone or to purchase several items for grooming, you might want to consider buying a set. There are two advantages to this really, firstly you can get a nice kit bag with everything matching – this looks nice but secondly it’s also easy to see where your things are and people will know everything in this brand is yours.

image horse grooming kit This Derby Originals Pro grooming kit contains more than a standard grooming kit might but it makes a good complete start for your grooming.

It’s also a handy kit to throw into the trailer for a show because you know everything you need is going to be there.

And these always make ideal gifts for horsey friends or family because they do look good as well.

Derby Originals Pro Groom Horse Grooming Kit (16 Items), Tan/Chocolate


Further Information & Ideas on Grooming

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for grooming supplies, if you want more information and further ideas please also look at;

And if you have any further questions please leave a comment in the section below and I can get back to you, thanks.

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