How To Use Video In Your Business Promotion

Some businesses naturally lend themselves to using video to promote their work, because they are involved in very visual activities. The equine industry is one such area because clients really need to see what you are talking about.

This article looks at some of the ways in which you can quickly and easily use videos to promote your work and reach a wider audience.


Using a Phone to Capture Business Activities

Making short videos doesn’t require lots of sophisticated technology. A simple phone camera (I tend to use an iPhone 6) can produce high quality images suitable for sharing on social media and using for simple video promotions.

  • Film sample lessons to show instructors in action and allow clients to see your approach, with beginners or more advanced riders.
  • Give a guided tour of the premises so people know what to expect. After all taking a spooky horse to a new venue can be stressful enough without having to find your own way around.
  • Interview staff so people can relate to your service and begin to feel a sense of belonging to your yard or centre.

One of the biggest challenges for clients can be finding your location especially if you are slightly off the beaten track – use a video tour to show people the turn off and highlight local landmarks that will guide them.


Use Social Media – Properly

Most businesses have a social media account either Facebook or Twitter or possibly both, but how do you use them.

If you are taking pictures an short videos then some of the more image media sites are potentially better or easier to load to. Instagram in particular can be used from your phone to share videos and images almost as they happen.

using horse pictures in social media
Capture the moment and share it with followers


Facebook works well when you have time to add a comment or link to the post. If you are advertising an event remember to-
  • Add photos from previous events to draw your readers in and make it seem more real.
  • Remind previous attenders what it was like last time, they are also more likely to share images of people than adverts of an event.
  • Upload any short videos of previous events, or riders practising in the same arena.


Twitter also works well with an image,

e.g. put a link to an international show jumping event and comment you hope your local event will attract a crowd as well! Anything to engage audiences and encourage them to share.

People don’t always want to just hear about your business, sometimes posts such as pictures of a family pet that came to visit can actually generate more comments and shares, so don’t be afraid to add other topics into your discussion.


Convert Small Video Content And Pictures Into A Promotional Video

Once you have captured some video snapshots the next stage is to pull them together to make a small promotional video.

This doesn’t have to be too complex, watch the 20 second video I made by just placing a photo image and a brief video together within a video template.

This was made in iMovie but other programs offer similar functions and can be made in 20 mins or so.

Once you have made the video upload it to YouTube,

  • this will ensure the video has more chances of ranking in the search engines and new people discovering your business online.
  • you can use the video clip on all forms of social media
  • you can embed it to play on a  website such as I’ve done with this video example.


Set Up A Blog

Many businesses have a website but don’t often offer much more than the basic information and a couple of photos. But a blog is beneficial in a number of ways;

  1. Frequent updates to your content will increase your chances of ranking on page 1 of Google and other search engines, so that customers can find you easily.
  2. The blog can be simple stories of the day, with a brief uploaded video.
  3. The blog stories can focus on particular animals so that you build a following of support (rescue charities often use this method to encourage sponsorship), but it also builds loyalty.
  4. If a horse is sick you can follow how it was diagnosed and the treatment it underwent and offer it as an educational video for others.

If you don’t have a website don’t look for anything expensive, a basic WordPress site such as this one will allow you to edit and upload all your content and have the presence you need. You can also easily link all your social media sites and manage everything together.

You can find more information on this site, called Wealthy Affiliate about building WordPress websites –  in 3 easy steps



Marketing is a large part of running a business, especially when you are trying to reach a new audience.

We may think that others will talk about our great work but the reality is most people will probably only say something if they are asked directly, and many people may not even know that they are a customer of yours to start with.

Social media has a greater reach now than websites, but don’t underestimate the value of having a business site that appears in a Google search. It adds credibility and allows people to look at what you offer in their own time, and from the comfort of their own home where they have more time.


Further reading

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I hope you enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave comments below and to share on your own social media channels (it’s one less article for you to write!) thanks.

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