Ideas For Using Social Media To Promote Your Equine Business

One of the biggest challenges for any equine business is to attract new clients or customers.

The ideal way to inform clients is to use social media and post updates and information that customs can read in their own time.

And research shows that most people who want to buy or use a service including from an equine business, like to research and read more before they commit to spending money.

equine businesses and social media
image – “Race Horses” by Tina Phillips,

In other words your clients are hungry for information, photos, videos and further details about what you do and how and where you do it.

However, the day to day running of the business can often take over completely, leaving very little space and time for anything else – especially marketing.

This article looks at some of the simpler ways that you can use to promote your work and attract the attention of horsey people.



Using Video Content

We all know that most people like to watch videos and see information rather than read it, but making a video can seem a bit daunting to a business that is new to social media.

But look at the following 1 min video clip that I created, using free website content and put together and published in less than an hour.



Instagram is a great forum for uploading photos and short videos.

Some of the things that you could share include sample lessons, schooling of ponies or behind the scenes video journals. These are all easy ways to capture what your business does and share it easily.



Facebook is still one of the major social media sites used by adults so having a business page is important.

image Facebook Equine Media
(Image – “Social Media Means Online Forums And Twitter” by Stuart Miles,

Don’t just post about your business though share local information of horsey interest. Follow other equine businesses and riders and like or sure their content to build up a following.

It might seem like a lot of work, but it is free advertising and it can be very targeted. So unlike posters and flyers you are only talking to potential real customers.

Interact with customers and if you don’t stock a product advise them on where else to look, or make a note to include it next time.


Promotional Material

Although many traditional forms of advertising are becoming less effective there are still some things that work in certain situations.

Many equine businesses especially feed and tack services, do take their businesses on the road. Shows and competitions are ideal since many riders and their groom people!  have time to browse and look at things, collect business cards between events.

However it can also be very hectic and material can also get lost or trampled upon, perhaps a few things to consider are.

  • Have a short or memorable name as a company, so that people are likely to remember it and can google in their own time and find your website.
  • Use large advertising space such as the side of vans or lorries, as people will see this more often and it will be embedded in their memory by the end of the show.
  • Make sure your bags have your website details and company name on them.
  • Staple a business card onto every bag you use in a sale.
  • Collect clients email addresses and offer to send them details of offers, do this even if they don’t buy anything from you that day.


Basically wherever you are it is an opportunity to brand and promote your business. Everything you do should be viewed as a social media marketing opportunity.

Set your mobile phone up with all your social media accounts and as you take videos and photos you can be uploading and commenting.

It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult, it just needs some initial planning and learning and then you are good to go!


Further Reading

There are other articles on this site about social media and equine businesses specifically

I also manage another site specifically designed to support content creation for blog and websites and articles that may be useful on that site are.

I hope you enjoyed this article and please feel free to share on your own social media platforms (it’s another post for your business page or twitter feed after all).

If you would like information or an article on any specific social media platform please let me know in the comments section below and I will certainly have a look at what I can do, thanks for reading.


  • Michel

    July 12, 2016 at 7:32 pm Reply

    Some great ideas for promoting an Equine business. In fact I am going to vamp up my marketing of my dance studio using some of your ideas. I have yet to try Instagram, but see it is very popular with the teenagers at the moment.

    The other one to look into is Snap Chat. I have seen some very clever campaigns on this platform by well known companies.

    • Marie

      July 12, 2016 at 7:36 pm

      Hi Michel thanks for sharing, I haven’t tried Snapchat yet but I agree it is being used more and more by businesses, I will certainly add it to my To Do list! – Thanks, Marie

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