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Even for outdoor businesses such as the equine industry, the digital age is definitely well upon us now. Using social media has become a key part of any business marketing strategy and more people are accessing and making online purchases through mobile phones rather than computers.  But why use social media?

Advantages to Social Media

Unlike a website where the content doesn’t change very much, or offer any opportunity to interact with customers. With social media you can begin to intact with your potential customers in a different way. You can set up quizzes, offer competitions, encourage your own customers to market your products for you by sharing to their friends.

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Another advantage to social media sites is that the content is always fresh and moving quickly, which means that people are constantly checking and rechecking their social media sites. Websites on the other hand will tend to get visited less frequently and only when the person wants to actually buy or is looking for something.

If you have a blog site attached to your website, and you are then using other social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook then this will help to ensure that your website stays highly ranked within Google. This means that you will be nearer or on the first page of the Google results for a search, meaning that more people will find your website when they do want to purchase something.

Equine Business Social Media Course

Over the course of the next few weeks I want to cover some of the most popular social media sites that equine businesses can use to support their online presence and increase their customer base.

You may think it’s difficult finding time to think about social media strategies and online marketing, but that needn’t be the case. As with all things once you are familiar with the basics and begin to see social media as a useful tool to enhance your business, then it can become a quick and easy process.

Using Twitter with your Equine Business

Twitter is perhaps one of the easiest tools for reaching a broad audience across the globe. Unlike Facebook or Linkedin, followers don’t have to know you and will  often just connect through shared posts.  Even if you already have a personal account on Twitter it is easy and straightforward to run a second account for your equine business.

Twitter’s famous blue logo

This article from the social platform group Hootsuite gives a full detailed account of how to compose a Tweet that reaches a wider audience, but if you’re new to all this some of the basic points are covered below.

  • Insert your own message on the tweet if you are sharing an article or highlighting an offer on your web site. But make it shorter than the 140 characters Twitter limit, so that readers can add to and retweet the message to other people.
  • Add a shortened URL such as or Read more information here on shortening URLs.
  • Use a hashtag # (e.g. #horses, #horsehealth), then if someone is putting in a general search it will pick up your tweet.
  • Add a picture, or a video to increase engagement and attract more interest.

So What Can I Tweet About?

The following infographic outlines 99 things that you can tweet about, and which potential customers may be interested in hearing from you.

Infographic 99 things to tweet about
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Following Others in the Equine Trade

Twitter is also about following others and provides an opportunity to network and find others working in your sector. Most of the big equine brands, horse magazines, and specialised horse products are all on twitter. This makes it an invaluable place to be to learn about emerging trends and new products in the industry. Other reasons for using a twitter account for your business are;

  • Many companies also use social media sites to give advance notice of upcoming offers and your business could do the same in order to bring in extra people to visit your website.
Image horse being led by dog
The Equine industry is slowly being led into the digital marketing era. Image found on Pinterest
  • Linking you website to your Twitter account means that the website is always being updated and appears to be more active to Google.  Again this helps with rankings and being discovered in a search when people do want to purchase or find something.
  • Having a strong online presence is the same as advertising, the more people see your products and logo the more likely they are to visit and trust your site when they are looking for something. And that can only be a good thing!

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  • Tanya

    October 1, 2015 at 2:15 pm Reply

    I am so glad that I came across your article. I am new to online marketing and yes I do use Twitter and Facebook and Google +. However I never really understood twitter that much.

    I never used it before I started this business so I didn’t really have an understanding of how it works. I do now. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Marie

      October 1, 2015 at 4:40 pm

      Hi Tanya thank you so much for your comment and glad you found the information useful. Hopefully as you start to use Twitter more and more it will become easier and you will begin to see the benefits to your own business.

      I will also look at Facebook and Google+ in other articles so keep a look out for them as well.

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