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Horse Colic Symptoms And Remedies

Colic is probably the scariest term that horse owners hear and it is, according to the biggest cause of adult horse deaths in Ireland.

Colic simply means abdominal pain and can potentially refer to a number of different things. However when used with horses it usually refers to a severe abdominal discomfort that causes the horse to be agitated, moving about or trying to lie down, rolling or pawing the ground.

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Managing Sweet Itch

As summer approaches (and misses ) Sweet itch once again becomes a problem that many horses and their owners are faced with.

Sweet itch is usually viewed as an allergic response to midge bites, or more precisely the saliva from midges. This then causes the horse to release chemicals that cause a swelling on the skin and for the affected area to become itchy.

The classic signs that we see are shown in the diagram below.

picture of horse with sweet itch
Horse showing classic signs of sweet itch

The horse usually becomes uncomfortable with the itching and starts to rub the affected area.

This results in the signs that we see in the picture where the coat is rubbed and the skin becomes very tender to touch.

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