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Original Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

Buying gifts for horse lovers is not easy, and although many riders would be delighted with a bottle of expensive horse shampoo it doesn’t always feel like a gift for the person buying it.

So in this article I have collected some ideas of horsey themed gifts that can be used around the house, for those occasional times when your horsey friend is actually inside relaxing.

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How to Draw Horses

There is something amazing about seeing horses drawn, and something very special if the horse that has been drawn is your own. It’s a memory that will stay forever. So I put together a few links to websites and resources to help get your art hobby off to a fresh start. If you are looking for information on art materials there is another post covering this topic in more detail How to Draw Horses|Materials.



In the following video Mark Crilley takes you through an easy to follow step by step guide to drawing a horse’s head.  This is a very detailed video and I really enjoyed his breakdown as every pencil stroke is described with a grid for you to use. (There is a other video on How to Draw Horses|Materials that draws a simple complete horse)

Mark is a prolific artist and has many other videos on YouTube for drawing all sorts of other animals. So if you enjoyed this work please do check him out for his other videos.

Drawing Horses and Other Animals

Although videos work well to instruct there are also a number of books designed to help you draw horses. One book that seems to do well in reviews is How to Draw Horses in Simple Steps by Eva Dutton

Eva really provides detailed diagrams and step by step illustrations which you can see from the sample page below, some of the book reviews said the images were so easily laid out that children could also follow them

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 20.26.10

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 20.24.40


However the complexity of the artwork provides images that even the most experienced artist can also gain from.


How to Draw Horses in Simple Steps


In the words of one reviewer …

If you want a book which shows you not only how to draw a horse 
but how to paint one (watercolors), add this book to your 
collection. [Review Amazon]

There are several web sites that describe and show how to draw horses such as drawsketch which can be done with or by children and well as adults. Similarly simple cartoon sketches can be done through sites such as Wiki How and produce a horse for your (younger) children.


I came across the following series which could be a great resource for primary and national school teachers, as well as parents trying to find entertainment for their children during the holidays. It is the howtodrawanimals series that covers quick and easy steps to draw all types of animals and which can be viewed and purchased here.

For the more serious artists though there are detailed sketches to aspire towards, such as the Jack Russell dog below. There are plenty of drawing and painting books all over the place, but this is one book that I came across recently and the website (link below) gives more samples of the drawings inside.

Jack Russell drawing
Jack Russell drawing

The Drawing Animals Ebook

Finally on the topic of drawing horses, although drawing still pictures is great capturing animals in motion through drawing or painting has to be the greatest challenge. Although it’s very basic I actually liked the following website, which shows the animated sketches of horse movements in the different gaits. Also interesting for pony club and riding instruction as well, since it visually shows the movements in a very easy to understand way.



Pinterest is the social media site for collecting images of all sorts. It has a number of interesting images covering all sorts of topics, such as the following link to a 3D drawing website. It’s a great source of horse photos and material to sketch from or use for painting ideas.

image 3D drawing Zebra
Image found on

I would love to hear of other websites that you would recommend about drawing that could be shared with others. Please leave a comment below with links to anything relevant.

The Equine Artisan Market

Finally the Equine Artisan Market is our online gallery for horse art and the opportunity  for artists to share a sample of their work as well as providing a link to the website or social media contact. Also don’t forget to follow the site on twitter @equineblogire where we often follow other artists specialising in horse art from around the world.  

The market stall on EBI is an online mini gallery that provides links to artists across the globe, that are promoted through an artists curator site called Society 6.

Horses Canvas Print by Michael Creese
Horses Canvas Print by Michael Creese

As the weeks move on I hope to be able to add interviews and bring more details of individual artists and their work. However I am sure there is a budding artist in many of us and even if it doesn’t stretch to the confidence of selling your own work, that doesn’t mean it can’t be inspired by seeing the work of others.