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Equine Natural Care Top 5 Websites

There has been a lot of mention recently about natural care products for our smaller pets, horses and also humans. I have heard phrases like ‘use turmeric’ (in everything), or garlic (again for everything) so what is it best to use? And equally as important where can I get it from (what does it cost?) or do I need to buy it all if it is at the bottom of my garden?

Why Use Equine Herbal or Natural Remedies?

There are a number of reasons why many trainers and horse owners are considering natural remedies for their horse. One of the main biological reasons is that herbal remedies are natural to the horses digestive system and are therefore more likely to be absorbed fully into their system. A  second reason is that there are less side effects with natural remedies compared to their chemical equivalents.

every chemically processed or extracted alkaloid of an herb has yealded side effects, starting at giving ulcers and causing liver damage, yet those side effects were not present when the natural counterpart was used” (Equi-herbs)

Natural Care Equine Products

Trying to find natural equine products is another matter. There are just a few websites available once you start googling natural pet or equine products,

Many natural equine resources can be found locally - if you know what you're looking for!
Many natural equine resources can be found locally – if you know what you’re looking for!

however when I started to visit some of these natural supplier websites I was a bit disappointed at the lack of information that they seemed willing to share.  I suppose like many people this is an area I know a bit about, but I need more information before I’m going to subject my horse or my wallet to trying anything.

So I rummaged through a number of sites and selected a few of the more informative ones that I came across, ones where I could access easy to read reference material, as well as products to buy (depending on where you live).

Originally this started out as 5 hence the title but I am adding to the list so there are now 8 sites. If you know of any others please add them into the comments section and I can add them to the list, thanks.


1 – Naturally Equine


One site that did provide some useful information is a New Zealand site called Naturally Equine, who unfortunately only deliver in New Zealand just before you get too excited (unless you live in New Zealand). The link I just provided leads you to a glossary of terms on their site for all types of herbs and a brief overview of their main properties. However they also have a much more detailed herbal index, and a newsletter if you are interested in signing up which are easy to find on the site and definitely worth checking out.

2 – Equi-herbs (EquiHerbs)

This is an affiliate site that I promote and which does have a range of products, ships to all countries and explains about their products. It is based in the US but offers a number of products and has a newsletter that you can sign up to. I will cover more of what they do in another article but well worth a visit.

Herbal Supplements for Horses

3 – Intelligent Horse Care


Intelligent Horse Care is a site that seeks to help horse owners make life simpler and easier but using as natural an approach as possible. They deal with a range of products including the Cool Heat Rug that I have mentioned in another post. They are located in the UK and offer international shipping. I liked the site and it’s easy to navigate.

4 – Natural Horse World


Natural Horse World is an holistic horse site that seeks to inspire horse owners to take a more natural approach to caring for their equines. It deals with all aspects of horse care and has an easy to use site. It is run by Cynthia Cooper.

5 – Equine Natural Care (ENC)


Another site that did give some details about their products was Equine Natural Care in the US, although I found this site harder to navigate and the colour scheme was definitely not user friendly (very dark). However it doesn’t sell products directly you have to email your local supplier (in the US) so again not very easy to actually get the stuff once you’ve read up on it.

6-  All Natural Horse Care


This is an information site and has a lot of resources (some very graphic) on hoof care, feeding and nutrition.  It only sells information products though ebooks and charts. A very good resource for anyone instructing especially stable management for pony club / BHS or other instructor exams. However it doesn’t have its own product range for treating horses.

7 – Harmony Equine


This site has a lot of information although you will have to search for it.  It covers holistic and complimentary healing for horses.  The site also offers its own products but doesn’t state whether it ships overseas or not, it is based in the US and has its own clinic in North Virginia.

8 – ELMVELO Animal Care


This site specialises in their own smaller range of products – “The natural culture of beneficial micro-organisms, pure aromatherapy oils and edible vegetable extracts in Emvelo products work together in many complementary ways“. They have a list of stockists but I couldn’t get their own online shop to open on the day that I was looking at the site, so I’m not sure whether shipping the goods is an option or not.


Finally the ad below is for Pet Naturals, a good site to check out and a good range of products but they don’t do equine, it’s just dogs and cats (typical!).Maybe we could lobby them to try.


Natural Pet Care


It’s still a very new market out there obviously, and I was disappointed at the lack of information available on the same site that I could purchase the products. (That is definitely a marketing opportunity available for somebody).

I have also incorporated any natural remedies that I come across into various articles, such as the articles listed below.

In the meantime if you do come across any good natural equine sites let me know in the comments below and I will keep building up the list.