What Do You Buy The Mother Who Loves Horses?

Although as I write this Mother’s Day is fast approaching here in Europe, this post could also apply for birthdays, christmas and any other occasion that involves thinking of a present.

However it can be a difficult process trying to choose a present for someone, especially when it doesn’t involve an actual horse.

So I have put together a collection of ideas of horsey products that are also nice presents (i.e. not very practical but look good). After all with all the rain and terrible weather we are having it’s nice to have something to look at without getting cold and wet. Another bonus is they don’t cost anything more once bought.

As well as the art shown there are also plenty of other ideas for gifts if you follow the links, these just represent a sample.

Art Work

The first place I was looking was on Amazon, amongst the art work and I came across a few items that could definitely be of interest, such as this horse print on canvas by Home Decor Market. There were also a selection of other prints available all of which were equally stunning but very different in design.

Horse print Home Decor Market

Horse Art Prints On Canvas Animal Painting For Home Decoration,Horse Pattern,19 x 25 inch canvas

Or this magnificent picture which I have to admit I really have taken to. This would look great on any living or bedroom wall (especially mine) but anyone else’s as well.

image by Youkuart


New Year Gift New Year Decorations Canvas Prints ,Sk002 Modern Canvas Wall Art White Horse, Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang, 5 Panels White Horse Canvas Print Photo Canvas Art for Home Decoration



Of course the danger is if you also have daughters who are interested in horses, then there could well be a few in family fights but that’s all part of the fun!

If you are interested in looking at more art samples there are a number of other pages on my website (equineblogireland)  that offer more links to equine art pages, such as the Equine Market Stall and the not quite out of season post Horsey Gift Ideas for Christmas.

Fleeces & Throws

If standard art is not your thing how about a sem-practical piece of art in the form of a horsey throw or rug. These gift ideas are obviously a little more expensive but well worth the money.

image horse throw Elegant Western Gallopping Horse Soft Fleece Throw Blanket – Polyester 63″x73″

Or how about the ultimate in luxury a king size fleece set, this would certainly keep any horse lover warm right through the coldest of winters. And if the cost is a little off-putting at $120 perhaps it could be a combined family present.

image horse fleece blanket




Horse Fever Fleece Blanket – King





These products are all available on Amazon and there are plenty of other ideas if you want to click the links or search for horse art.

The next site only sells art products but it is well worth a visit.

Society 6 Products

The main equine art site that I often mention on this blog site is society 6, a curator site that allows local artists to sell their products in a variety of forms.

As well as promoting local artists society 6 provides the art in a variety of ways including some of the products shown below.

image society 6 horses

Most designs can be bought across a range of products from iPhone covers to cushions.

image society 6 horse art

These designs are all produced by the artist Tanja Reidel and there are also other options such as T-shirts and hoodies as well as computer cases and some rugs and throws.

Other Ideas

If horse art is really not an option and the present has to be more horsey, then here are some more ideas.

  • Riding lessons – yes even the experts need more lessons (especially when it’s raining and the lessons are indoors)
  • Gift vouchers (tack room) – so that the present can be guaranteed to be the right one
  • Gift vouchers for clothing

If possible I would avoid giving money unless you are happy that your special Mother’s Day gift ends up being a few bales of haylage, to cover the last stretch of winter.

Even though it’s getting close to the actual Mother’s Day there are always lots of opportunities to treat your mother. So go ahead and buy something even if it arrives late it will definitely be worth the wait.

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